State Issues

As your professional trade association in Colorado, we are actively involved in regulatory and legislative issues that may impact your business. Your membership dues support our efforts to lobby for the protection of your business interests and a pro-business climate in Colorado.

 Workforce & Employment
We support policies that develop Colorado’s workforce and provide mechanisms for the hospitality industry to employ the necessary staff for their properties. As part of this effort, we support efforts to find appropriate funding mechanisms for workforce housing.

 Transportation Funding
We believe that a comprehensive funding strategy for transportation in Colorado is necessary to ensuring our future prosperity and growth and we support efforts to ensure that our roads are expanded and maintained for decades to come.

 Short Term Online Rentals
Colorado's diverse lodging base requires special attention to short term online rentals.  We support regulations that create a level playing field between STRs and hotels, but also understand that many of our resort communities were built with STRs as the core of their lodging industry and we need to ensure those markets are not disrupted.

 General Business
We support and lobby in favor of legislation that promotes a pro-business climate in Colorado and allows for our employers to recruit and retain top talent.

We monitor all regulations related to legalized marijuana to ensure that they do not negatively impact the tourism and hotel industries.

 Liquor Laws
We monitor all laws, rules and regulations related to liquor enforcement.

Questions? Additional information? Please contact Amie Mayhew.

Federal Issues

The Colorado Hotel & Lodging Association is a proud Partner State Association of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA). AHLA is a strong voice at our nation’s capitol monitoring and actively lobbying on behalf of the lodging industry’s interests on the federal level.

 AHLA actively works to ensure that regulations from the Federal Department of Labor including DOL’s overtime rule and the NLRB’s Joint Employer rule, do not harm the hotel industry.

Immigration must be reformed to protect our economic security. AHLA is actively engaged in work to expand guest worker visa programs to ensure a continuous and consistent flow of guest workers into our Country.

 Travel and Tourism
AHLA works to ensure that the policies of the Federal Government promote tourism.